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    This year we will be bringing out two new glider inner bags. The new COMPRESSBAG TUBE arrives in May, and the classic TUBEBAG will appear in summer – in a light edition.

    Today we’d like to tell you about the new COMPRESSBAG TUBE.

    The COMPRESSBAG TUBE combines the advantages of a TUBEBAG with those of a COMPRESSBAG. This means that a modern paraglider can be easily packed as with the familiar sausage bag, maintaining its profiled shape – but also have the folded volume reduced by a separate compression zip!

    With a COMPRESSBAG TUBE the paraglider takes up less space in a rucksack than when packed in a standard inner bag. A useful handle on to top makes for easy handling of a closed COMPRESSBAG TUBE.

    The COMPRESSBAG TUBE is available in two lengths, 260 cm and 300 cm. The table below shows which length suits which of the wings in our selection:

    Made by kalichava